Step-by-step instruction sheets to help you complete simple technical and editorial tasks:

1. HOW TO:  Shrink Your Video For Easier Posting To The Web

2. HOW TO:  Trim Your Video Using QuickTime Player

3. HOW TO:  Upload A Video To

4. HOW TO:  Convert Video Files for Edit In Final Cut Express

5. HOW TO:  Write a VO/SOT

6. HOW TO:  Edit on Final Cut  (Knight Center Web Tutorials)

7. HOW TO:  Conduct “M-O-S” — Man-On-the-Street Interviews

8. HOW TO:  Shoot Video That’s Good Enough for CNN’s iReport

9. HOW TO:  Shoot Better Video — 10 Commandments

10. HOW TO: Understand the “Rule of Thirds”

11.  How to write AP style captions AP Photo Captions

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