ABC News sees a digital future

TELEVISION: But the network faces a delicate balancing act: the immediacy and cost-savings of such ‘backpack’ reports versus technical, ethical, editorial and quality issues.

By Matea Gold March 1, 2010
Reporting from New York

Dan Harris, an anchor and correspondent for ABC News, has a firsthand grasp of how digital journalism could transform the future of network news.  Working without a camera operator or sound technician, he and his producer, Almin Karamehmedovic, have used hand-held digital cameras to track American sex predators in Cambodia, sneak up on silverback gorillas in the Central African Republic and document child exorcisms in Congo. “There’s never been once when I missed the bigger crew,” said Harris, who lugs equipment and mikes-up interview subjects himself, much as he did when he started as a local reporter in Bangor, Maine. “The level of intimacy you can achieve so far surpasses what you can get with a big team, it’s beyond compare.” But even digital journalism acolytes such as Harris caution that the pared-down approach has its limitations.  READ MORE


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